Online Giving

It's time for an Online Giving System that will make a difference. 
How does a 35% increase in online funding sound?
Mission Agencies* that Use SS
Donated through our tool in 2019
Minimum Increase in Online Giving*

Fully Integrated Giving

Research says donors are 50% more likely to abandon their gift when you link away, so we keep the entire giving experience within your website. NO MORE LINK OFFS.

One Click Checkout 
When donors waste clicks, you waste gifts. We'll make giving easier for you so that you can make life easier for your donors! 

A Giving Experience Unlike Any Other

Engaging Giving Content

Our system Engages Your donors, by presenting all Projects, Missionaries, and Giving Opportunities as high-value content. 

Never Ending Shopping Cart

If your donor leaves your site before completing their gift, don't worry. Their Auto Updated cart will be waiting for them next time they return!

Peer-to-Peer Giving

Our powerful peer-to-peer giving feature gives every donor the ability to create and share a campaign at any time.

Customizable Recurring Gifts

Your donors will have the ability to set up their recurring giving without any confusion or hesitation. 

Powerful Reporting Dashboards

Give your donors access to every gift they've ever made, and the ability to edit and maintain their profile with ease.

Cutting Edge Admin Tools

Our Admin tools give you many advanced abilities such as managing refunds and reversals, keeping track of credit card and EFT settlements, taking gifts over the phone, and much more!

Give from any Device

Site Stacker's best-of-class responsive design will give your donors a great giving experience no matter what device they're using.

Total Flexibility in Payment Processing

You deserve the right to use any bank you want and renegotiate your processing fees at any time. With Site Stacker you can use virtually any credit card processor. You have total flexibility.