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Business Process Automation requires organizational awareness and powerful software, but we are up for the challenge. Let us help you automate your key processes and empower your staff with an easy-to-use admin dashboard.

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Outcome Driven

Our Process

  • Analyze - We help you understand your current process and identify opportunities to make it better.
  • Re-design and Model - We help you refocus on outcomes instead of tasks and document your refined process from beginning to end.
  • Automate - We automate your unique process and provide you with a powerful dashboard for managing it with ease.
  • Optimize - We empower you with the tools to continually improve your process.

Task List

Task Progress

Powerful Admin Dashboards

High-level overviews that allow you to see the big picture in real time. If you'd like to see the dashboard first hand, click here to give our example workflow a try.

Beautiful User Interface

Mobile Responsive • Analytical Metrics • Drag and Drop Workflow Tools • Customizable Data Grids

Custom Workflows

Events • Mobilization • Recruitment • Applicant Management • Volunteer Management • Worker Management • Onboarding • Team Mission Trips

Security Focused

Encrypted Source and Highly Secure • Secure Files, Notes, and CRM Data • Customizable Permissioning

Custom Reporting

Tailor-made reports built to help your team accomplish your organization's unique mission.
Custom Reporting

Automated Outcomes

Role-based Task Assignment • Selection-based Workflow Paths • Due Date and Reminder Notifications • Docusign and Mailchimp Integrations

Make it Your Own

Customizable Forms, CRM Structure and Tagging • Full Automation Training for a Power User on Your Staff • Unlimited Admin Accounts • Site Stacker API Available

Organizational Success

Fewer Bottlenecks and Knowledge Silos • Less Busy Work for Staff • Faster Process Completions • Greater Accomplishment of Your Mission