Innovate in Mission #1 "Betty Greene"

When Betty Greene dreamed of flying as a teenage girl in the 1930’s, I’m sure people thought she was crazy.  As America faced wartime, Betty found herself stuck in a typical role for a young lady. Her family pushed her to become a nurse even as she dreamed of flying, but Betty persevered...

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Is The App Store Mentality Destroying Enterprise Architecture?

While the iPhone was an incredible device, it didn't take long to figure out the real invention was the App Store. The iPhone had become a catalyst for a new era of almost unlimited invention. Need a portable credit card swiper? Scientific calculator? Universal remote control? Pocket camera? The list of things the iPhone could become grew faster than you could keep up with...
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How Nonprofits Can Use Automation To Streamline Their Processes

With new and rapidly developing cloud-based technologies, simplifying the complexities of nonprofit business processes may be on the horizon sooner than we'd expected. Here are four processes nonprofits should consider automating
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5 Ways To Avoid Failed Adoption

When I was a teen I had a terrible accident at Wet-n-Wild.  I was there with my youth group and found a cool waterfall with a shallow kiddy pool on one side and a ledge where you could hide-out on the other.  I was chilling on the ledge when some other kids from the group showed up.  All in one motion I decided to impress them by jumping through the waterfall in full swan dive formation.
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5 Ways to Increase Online Giving

Every non-profit is working hard to increase online giving.  They know that a bad online giving experience has major consequences.  Donors are disappointed.  Field workers are embarrassed.  Millennials are appalled.  The stakes are high, and non-profit organizations that rely on a wide base of donors  must take immediate and aggressive steps to improve in this area.

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Low Hanging Fruit for Improving Mobilization Efforts

After spending significant time with mobilizers from dozens of organizations, it’s clear that several obstacles are standing between them and the “obvious”.
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Culture, Language, Rules and Large Militant Germans

Practical ideas for improving the health of your tech projects.
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Bringing Stability to your Aggressive Tech Strategy

Is it time to re-engineer the way your organization thinks about IT strategy?
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Robust Donor Dashboards

Many non-profits are struggling to bring online giving to a healthy percentage of overall revenue.  Providing Donors with information-rich dashboards is one of the best steps you can take in this direction.
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