Here are several time-proven steps you can take to increase your online giving.


Don’t just ask for money by placing a big red DONATE button on your site. This is uninspiring at best and borderline offensive at worst.  Your website is an excellent canvas to tell your story with highly engaging interactive media.  In the TV business we used to say, “Site, Sound and Motion CREATES an EMOTION.”  So, get creative.  Use video and dynamic infographics to tell your story.  Explain the context around what you are raising money for.  Tell your donors about the region, the history of your ministry there, the work that has been accomplished, the personal background of the workers on the ground and the importance of the initiative you are taking on.  Taking time to present the financial goals of your organization with engaging media and full context will pay immediate dividends.


Make sure the complete giving experience happens in the following way:

    • Easy to use from end-to-end on any device.  Some of our clients are seeing as much as 35% of all their online gifts come from mobile phones!

    • Completely integrated into your primary website without ever leaving. In our experience, linking away from your site to a third-party “giving portal” will result in as high as 50% abandonment. That is not acceptable.

STEP 3: 

Provide donors with an information-rich personal dashboard on your website where they can see the history of all their giving to your organization, manage their recurring gifts and credit cards, and self-print receipts and statements.


Make your checkout process as simple as possible. Use only the minimum number of fields necessary to acquire the gift. Attempts to gain site registrations or secondary data always increase abandonment rates. Increasing abandonment rates is in exact contrast to your goal of increasing online giving.


Provide a giving experience that allows donors to participate while using as little of the left side of their brain as possible. This may sound funny, but the more left-brained activity required the less likely you are to receive a completed transaction.  So, be careful not to muddle up the process. Give donors a clear and concise path to get from the beginning to the end.

These steps are simple, and quite easy to follow.  Most organizations can do at least half of these things immediately, and if you can, you should.  Your return will be seen right away.  But, in many cases organizations are constrained by a lack of proper technology.  That’s where Site Stacker comes in.  WMTEK works hard to implement these proven strategies on top of Site Stacker for all of our clients, and every client has seen exceptional year-over-year increases in online giving without a single exception.  If we can help you, please fill out our contact form. We would love to share these best practices and help you take your online giving to the next level.


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Dan Pennell is the founder and CEO of WMtek. A primary focus for Dan is consulting with NPO's to identify organizational challenges and implement solutions, especially in the area of business workflow and enterprise-wide technological deployment. If you are interested in bringing Dan to your organization for consultation please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks!