How Our Mission Began

WMTEK was birthed out of a successful mass-media advertising agency in the mid-2000’s when owner, Dan Pennell, felt commissioned to develop a software and services company that focused exclusively on helping Christian non-profit organizations find higher degrees of success at the intersection of communication and technology.

Site Stacker 1.0 came forward as WMTEK’s first software offering in early 2007, and that platform is still actively used by many organizations today.  The Site Stacker platform was clearly unique in several ways:

  • It allowed many websites to be hosted from one single installation of the software.
  • It provided state-of- the-art content management tools.
  • It provided powerful tools for data collection.
  • It provided a best-of- class experience for donors in online giving.
  • It provided powerful recruitment management tools, originally tied to an advanced peer-to- peer mobilization platform that was powered by a sociographic data engine.

With these exciting new tools at their disposal several organizations were able to accomplish great gains in the areas of multilingual communication, mission recruitment and online giving.

Then building upon this success WMTEK launched Site Stacker 2.0 in early 2012 making it the fastest growing software platform in the Christian non-profit world, and the platform that is most common to global sending agencies.  This means sending agencies who use Site Stacker enjoy the considerable benefit of being able to advance new features and maximize their use of the tool through inter-organizational collaboration.  


The success of the Site Stacker platform has been profound.  Mission websites are not only keeping up with design trends, but in some cases surpassing quality and design margins of the fortune 500 marketplace. 

Online giving on Site Stacker is also seeing incredible success.  In 2015 more than $51 million in online gifts were processed on Site Stacker 2.0!  Organizations who have implemented online giving on Site Stacker 2.0 have experienced an average increase in online giving of more than 50% in their first 12 months.

The WMTEK team has been thrilled to partner with many non-profits over the years bringing over a thousand unique websites online since 1999.  

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